We ethically source the finest raw organic ingredients for synergy and optimal absorption. Our desserts, cheeses and food are wholesome, rich in natural vitamins, packed with minerals and fuel. We use the highest quality, organic cashews and cacao beans to create the healthiest form of cheeses and chocolate infused desserts that you can ever indulge into.  

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We're obsessed with the science and art of cheesemaking. We just make it entirely from plants  



Creamy, savory and deliciousness you crave! We handcraft our cheese in small batches in Birmingham Michigan, using the highest quality, organic, fair trade ingredients. Our cheese is pure, wholesome and nourishing, and is completely free of soy, binders or preservatives. 


Our techniques honor traditional cheesemaking to create a sustainable and nourishing cheese that’s rich in vitamins, minerals and cultures for optimal bioavailability and absorption. 



Indulgent, vibrant and decadent! Our desserts are complex in flavor, rich in nutrients yet minimal and beautiful, celebrating earth’s abundance and healing power. We only use the finest organic raw ingredients, from fruits, to cashews among other tree nuts, balanced with the natural sweetness of the finest specialty dates in combination with a touch of pure maple, and only dates in some desserts. Absolutely no refined sugars or preservatives are ever added in our creations. Just pure goodness in its most raw form!