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plant good, eat kind


We are conscious brand on a mission to create the purest food as art and medicine. 


What started as a necessary solution to the founder’s son’s dairy allergy, sparked a journey of exploration and discovery. Bridging science, artistry and culinary techniques inspired by nutrition and ancient wisdom to create wholesome nourishing food. Planthropie was born to fill a void in the market by providing wholesome and conscious plant based options that is kind to our bodies, the animals and our planet. Planthropie is a proud woman owned & operated company that believes in food as a deeply nourishing and fueling experience, created with the intention to become a collaborative vessel that brings the community together in kindness & health for all.  

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Welcome to my canvas. I’m Rua, an entrepreneur, mom, plants chef, educator & a passionate advocate of food as art & medicine. From medical school to fleeing war in Iraq, my journey started in preventative health and nutritional counseling in Canada, then transitioned into marketing as I relocated to the US. What started as a necessary solution to my son’s-dairy allergy, quickly sparked a conscious exploration to create pure and dairy-free cheese & dessert alternatives for my family. Planthropie was born & quickly transformed into our flagship home in 2020 offering living plant based cheese and dessert. Planthropie bridges my background in medicine, ancient wisdom, science & artistry. ​

My mission is to showcase the beauty and wholeness of food, to create phenomenal alternatives to traditional cheese and dessert without compromising ingredients, health, flavor and experience. At Planthropie, we’re breaking through old paradigms and birthing a new breed of living cheese and dessert that are kind to your mind, body and soul.

plant good, eat kind

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