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© 2018 by Planthropie

"Plant Good" is a plant based pop up with a mission, specializing in raw desserts, dairy free artisanal cheeses and healthy food alternatives. Founded by Rua Francis, combining her background in preventative healthcare, life long journey of artistry and marketing experience. Rua was inspired to create healthier food alternatives to address her child’s and family needs after discovering that her child was highly allergic to dairy. Planthropie is based out of Birmingham and is committed to serving the community and beyond. 

Our mission is to raise awareness, to invoke conscious conversations on important global and local topics. Using plant based food to highlight the health impact through social, community outreach and strategic partnerships. Planthropie’s intention is to become the collaborative vessel that brings the community together in kindness and health for all. 


Our food is fuel to the mind, body and soul!

Rua's journey has evolved throughout the years, from raising her own chicken pet as a child to rescuing birds and lab mice to going vegetarian after watching "Speciesism" along with her husband in 2014.


Rua's most challenging hang up was her obsession with cheese despite all the gut health issues she experienced unknowingly due to the dairy and cheese in her diet. It was not until she gave birth to her son in 2016 that Rua and Mark experienced the devestating aftermath of dairy affecting the health of their newborn. Their son started experiencing severe acid reflux, pain and colic to the point of choking for two to 3 weeks post birth. Dealing with first time parenthood, they thought this is just another common challenge that new parents deal with. But Rua refused to accept that this is the norm and took matters into her own hands through extensive research and reflection. It was also with the help of their pediatrician that they recommended Rua eliminates dairy and cheese from her diet to see if that changes anything and then a miracle happens! Their newborn's symptoms and pain fully stopped by the 5th day after eliminating all dairy and byproducts. To their shock, their son was reacting to the dairy and cheese in Rua's breastmilk. This is when Rua and Mark decided to fully transition to veganism and there was no looking back ever since.


Shortly after, she decided to pour all her past cheese addiction and challenges in ditching the cheese and started experimenting with ingredients to develop delicious alternatives. Now, she makes phenomenal dairy free cheese alternatives and desserts that will make you never want to go back to traditional cheese or desserts. 

"I wanted to feed my child real food and desserts that were truly simple, good, nourishing, free of animal products, refined sugars and all processed ingredients, and that's how Planthropie was born"

"I thought if its good for my child, it's good for us all"

Combining a life long journey of artistry, her background in preventative healthcare and Mesopotamian roots, Rua along with the crew, curates a conscious experience that brings minds to the table using food thats wholesome and nourishing. Planthropie was born to fulfill the need to plant goodness in a way that aligns with the vision for a conscious mind, body and soul.


Drawing from family food traditions, self learning along with self guided plant-based training, Rua brings a new take on the art of eating. She recreates and handcrafts vibrant food through simplicity, minimal processing, while highlighting the beauty and raw flavors of all ingredients.

Rua advocates for a a conscious living and outreach through her artwork, food and collaborations within the community and beyond.

To learn more about her vision on conscious art, catch her in an upcoming show in the city.

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